Whole 30 2013 – Day 3

by ambermae

My first Wednesday started just like previous Whole 30 Wednesdays: I didn’t prepare anything in advance for breakfast so I ended up winging it at Panera. Here goes.



An apple (partially eaten, sorry) and a coffee. The only things I can eat at Panera on Wednesdays. Not very satisfying, but acceptable for a morning with friends.



I was super hungry when we finally sat down for lunch, so while the toddler ate her mac & cheese I fried an egg in ghee, nuked some frozen green beans, and opened a can of diced tomatoes. All together it was a passable lunch.



That didn’t stop me from wandering around the kitchen mid afternoon blindly opening and closing doors looking for something to eat. Fruit would have been easy, but after my apple breakfast I decided to try something else. Both brands of canned tuna in my pantry have soy in them (guh). I ended up making myself a quick shrimp boil and peeled and ate them as they were cooling down. There is something satisfying about tearing into dozens of little beasties with your hands as a midday snack.



My husband made a red pepper, green onion, and diced tomato omelet for dinner since he got home before me. Thanks honey!



Pineapple, coconut butter, and cinnamon as an after dinner snack. Yum.