Whole 30 2013 – Day 20

by ambermae

Saturday breakfast:


Meat sauce heated in a tapas pan with a fried egg in it. This was awesome.


I packed some Whole 30 snacks for our drive, so we ate some sausages, nuts, and dates in the car. When we got to our destination our hosts invited us to Panera. I ordered this:


This was the Thai chicken salad. Aside from the dressing and the bleu cheese this was pretty good. I should maybe have had them left off.



Dinner was completely out of my hands. I met some family at an Applebees and had to do the best I could. I started with a caesar salad.


Then I ate the Bourbon Street chicken & shrimp. It was served on onions and mushrooms with a side of potatoes. Not too shabby.

Two thirds over!