Whole 30 2013 – Day 25

by ambermae

Today I had to get up extra early for a long day with kids. My days with kids are weird. I don’t usually eat with them because I’m not eating the same things they are. I end up eating breakfast before they get here, lunch while they’re napping, and dinner after they leave. This morning kids got here so early that I made my breakfast while they were eating theirs, and I managed to get some bites in between the various things they needed from me after they went off to play. Tomorrow is going to be even weirder, but we’ll talk about that after it happens.



A particularly eggy mug macaroon.



I whipped up a quick curry with ground beef, tomatoes, and green beans. It isn’t very tasty but it held me all afternoon.



My husband made us a late dinner of steak, salad, the end of the green beans, and a sweet potato. If you recognize that steak from Monday it is because we accidentally defrosted twice as many steaks as we needed. So we ate grassfed t-bones twice in one week. Life is hard.