Whole 30 2013 – Day 27

by ambermae

The last weekend of the Whole 30!


I had church Saturday morning and needed to run an errand to a local farmer’s market afterward. All morning I had been thinking that I would go get that Thai chicken salad from Panera for lunch, but I eventually decided against it. So I found myself at the farmer’s market with no plan and a few minutes to kill while I waited for the person I was meeting. While browsing around I was excited to find this —


I scrutinized the ingredients before buying it but couldn’t find anything forbidden on the Whole 30. Here they are: almonds, organic dates, organic sunflower seeds, organic pepitas, black sesame seeds, cocoa, organic fair trade coffee, vanilla bean, himalayan salt

Awesome. right? I was expecting it to be chewy because of the dates but the bar was pleasantly crunchy and it hit the spot.

Find them at yawpeats.com



Mug macaroon, my old lazy person standby.



Chicken & apple sausages, cabbage sauteed with onions and red pepper, and a giant fresh local lettuce salad (picked that morning).



Old faithful – dates, almonds, coconut, cocoa powder