Whole 30 2013 – Day 28

by ambermae

aka Superbowl Sunday

aka Temptation Alley

I tried my best to plan enough various Superbowl snacks so that I wouldn’t go off the rails, but… you’ll see what happened.



A quick lunch of local breakfast sausage and scrambled eggs. No veggies. Whoops.



Here was our spread. I made chicken wings and ribs, bought the veggie tray, and put out some almonds. I also provided tortilla chips and salsa but since I know that corn does bad things to me it is easy for me to avoid them. Friends brought mac & cheese (I ate one noodle), sweet potato skins with bacon & cheese (I had a few), pesto pizza (ugh, I had a slice), and a box of Thin Mints (don’t even get me started).

I thought I was going to be so strong, but as the night wore on and the food stayed out it became way too easy to wander by the food table and pop a cookie every now and then. I’m paying for it this morning, but not too dramatically.

On the plus side, I’ve got chicken wings and ribs leftover for lunches this week.

Two more days!