Whole 30 2013 – Day 30

by ambermae

We sort of made it! If you don’t count all the times I ate stuff I wasn’t supposed to, then yay it’s day 30!



I forgot to add salt to my mug macaroon so it was kind of unsatisfying. This would be a theme today.



Leftover ribs and some carrots. I snacked on almonds in the afternoon.


I kind of didn’t eat dinner today. Around 5pm I snacked on the last of the sausages we ate a few days ago, and they ended up being more filling than I anticipated.


Later I celebrated the end of the day with a bowl of the old date, coconut, almond and cocoa standby. Now my husband and I are going to have some coffee with a bit of Irish cream because we can’t take it anymore.

Happy Whole 30, everyone! Thanks for reading.