Whole 30 – Day 11

by ambermae

I have had surprisingly few cravings during the Whole 30, but this morning I kind of wanted a bagel. I think it had something to do with how full I’ve felt lately and how nice it would have been to have something light for breakfast. I stayed good, though, and put together this set of meals:


Day 11 breakfast

My concession to the bagel was a leftover sweet potato to put some ghee on (butter is not allowed on the Whole 30, but butter oil, or ghee, is) and a couple of scotch quail eggs for protein.


Day 11 lunch

A taco salad with pork carnitas and some cherry tomatoes. In the afternoon I shared an apple and some more cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks with the toddler in my care. I have noticed that my blood sugar plummets after I eat an apple as a snack, so I probably need to add some protein.


Day 11 dinner

What you see here is a blurry photo of a chicken piccata recipe that a Facebook friend came up with. The sauce is diced onions, celery, garlic, apples, and artichoke hearts with lemon juice/zest and chicken broth. I pan fried a couple of pounded flat chicken breasts and served the sauce on top. It was pretty good, if a touch too citrusy.

There is a giant side of Alaskan salmon thawing in the fridge for tomorrow night’s dinner. Can’t wait!